" Selling a house during a pandemic is not easy. It required a strategic approach to staging and presentation. A less experienced agent  would not have been a successful as Carmel. As the situation developed plans had to be adapted to physical distancing and other safety requirements. We were very comfortable in trusting Carmel's advice. The outcome exceeded our expectations in terms of the final sale price. I would also point out that Carmel bought in excellent professions to support the sale. We can highly recommend Carmel Kidd as the finest real estate agent we have ever met. We are confident that if you choose her as your agent, we will be equally pleased with the outcome!"


"We thank you for your support & guidance on this amazing journey of selling our victorian & re-settling in our retirement haven."

Effective Marketing

"Carmel was open and honest when  assessing the market value and length of time expected to sell. The house sold within 3K of list price within four weeks in a slow uncertain market."

Empty Nesters To Condo

" We are very grateful to you for your sensitivity and care in facilitating this transaction with minimal disruption In particular, your expeditious sale and your determination for a higher price reduced our anxiety level considerably."

Revenue Property

"Carmel seemed to quickly come up with the appropriate information when I needed it. Her advice to conduct a home inspection before I purchased has truly paid off in peace of mind".

Lifestyle Change

" I sold my home in Toronto through the efforts of Ms. Carmel Kidd I am pleased to attest that this was handled in a professional manner and I was satisfied in every way."

Life Stages, Home Changes

You may have heard the quip, “The best time to buy a home is always five years ago,” and there’s actually some truth to it, in that hindsight is 20/20.

While we can’t time travel back to when homes were less expensive, we can certainly look ahead to how our needs will change in the future, and invest in tomorrow’s housing requirements today.

Are you starting to feel the squeeze in your starter home? You may have purchased it just to get a foot in the market, but now, with the pitter-patter of more feet in the home, it may be time to look for a larger space.

On the other side of the spectrum are homeowners whose once-full nest has finally emptied. Is now the right time to talk about downsizing?

Perhaps your home’s layout no longer works for you. If your home requires major renovations to accommodate changing health or mobility issues, for example, you’ll need to consider not only the time, effort and stress involved in the renovations, but also the financial implications. Would you be spending more to modify your place than you would have spent to move to a more appropriate home?

What is it about your current home that you love? The neighbourhood and its amenities? The physical layout of the home? The proximity to friends and family? There are so many factors involved in a decision to move, but if the home itself is simply too small, too big, or isn’t allowing you the lifestyle you require, you may want to hear if there’s a more ideal option to consider. 

Let’s take the time now, before the busy spring market bursts onto the scene, to talk through your specific situation and make sure you have all the information you need to decide on which direction makes the most sense for you.